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What Separates Ty
From Other Youth / Teen Speakers

Schools & Youth Organizations Request Ty Howard's DYNAMIC Speaking Services for
Twelve GREAT Reasons:

  1. Ty is the Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine, MOTIVATION. He's a nationally recognized dynamic motivational speaker for teens, habits and character development consultant, bullying prevention expert, author, and creator and lead facilitator of the registered trademarks Untie the Knots® Process and You Were Born to Be G.R.R.R.R.E.A.T.!!!!TM Process.

  2. Ty is a Teen Empowerment Community Humanitarian and Philanthropist. He gives back nationwide to young people financially through his Annual Ty Howard College Scholarship Fund Program and Ty Howard Essay Writing Contents. Ty Howard genuinely, tirelessly, and committedly CARES about the health, safety, education, growth, and continuous success of young people everywhere!

  3. Ty is a Military Veteran who served 10 decorated, honorable, years on active duty in the United States Navy.

  4. Ty is VERY easy-to-work-with, and does not come with absurd speaker demands. He shows up at least 45 minutes before his presentation time. He starts on time and ends on time, always.

  5. Ty will actually spend quality time with your youth group before, during and after his presentation. He's normally the first person in the meeting room and the last person to leave.

  6. Ty has delivered over 2,200 dynamic and empowering motivational presentations and workshops to youth, teens, young adults, educators, parents, youth workers, and associations over the past 18 years. Many of Ty's dynamic presentations include his registered trademarked processes and support materials.

  7. Ty will help your youth / teen group to set goals that will launch them into action, and to the accomplishment of improved habits/behavior and desired results/outcomes.

  8. Ty's programs have researched substance, fun interactive activities, visual aids, and clear real-world connections for added take-home value and youth buy-in.

  9. Ty will not blow your budget out of proportion because he knows of other ways to create a 'win-win' engagement for your organizations, youth group and himself. he is willing to fly coach, and does not demand four to five star hotel accommodations.

  10. Ty is DYNAMIC, entertaining, very funny and inspiring; yet, down-to-earth, honest, and real.

  11. Ty works with 97% of the schools (or youth organizations / events) who contact him. Even a few with small budgets!

    If your organization's "Budget" is stopping you from contacting and hiring Ty, just call to see if he's available on your event date. Many of the really good and quality youth/teen speakers, like Ty, are unable to be as flexible as Ty, due to the way their business is designed. Ty has a program within his business that makes almost every school or youth organization / conference speaking opportunity a "win-win" for both the organization and Ty. Call today, TOLL FREE, and find out what that program is... YOU and the wonderful youth on your campus will be glad that you did!

    Toll Free: 1-800-385-3177 Ext 0

  12. Ty's ONLY Goal—Is to Help YOU Reach YOURS!


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For more detailed information about Ty's programs and products,
please contact us:

Inspiragen Institute, LLC
6400 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 134
Baltimore, Maryland 21228
Phone: (443) 982-7582
Email: info{AT}dynamicyouthspeaker.com



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